Wednesday, March 13, 2013

בעלי רוח הקודש Still Make Mistakes

From Rejoice O Youth, R' Avigdor Miller zt'l, p.245. My emphasis:

526. Y. " In view of the fact that [Chazal] were given supernatural assistance, how was it possible for them to have differences of opinion (460-461)?"

S. "Supernatural inspiration is not Torah. After Moses, no Torah can be given by prophecy. From Heaven, the Sages received an abundance of mental energy, in addition to other important qualities, in a measure which was miraculous. In addition to their native ability and beside their intensive labor in study and discussion, they were rewarded with a largesse of genius from G-d. But each one utilised his genius according to his Free-Will, and they always had the opportunity to err. No amount of inspiration from Heaven can give Torah. Only that which is received in tradition from the Sages, and that which is deduced by the Torah processes, is Torah."